FireWood App
FireWood App - firewood and pellets delivery. Best price. Same day delivery.
The Firewood App is not only the best price for firewood and pellets for our beloved customers. This is delivery on the same day and the possibility of unloading where our client wishes. We will use small-sized transformable electric vehicles that will ensure quiet and environmentally friendly delivery and will not create obstacles to traffic in the city.

Our application is always at your fingertips. We will deliver firewood and pellets on the same day at the best price. Our customers always get the price including delivery. No hidden or additional fees. We care about our clients!
Free download
The app comes free with plenty of selection of firewood and pellets from various manufacturers
Easy to use
Order in just two clicks. The ability to place a re-order in a single click or subscribe to a re-delivery.
What our customers used to spend many hours on, our application does in a second. You always get the best price as we instantly find the lowest price including delivery to your door.
We love our clients
We deliver by Tropos Motors eco-friendly electric vehicles. Unique cars allow you to drive to any place, do not impede the movement of vehicles during stops, and most importantly, facilitate the work of unloading with the help of a built-in lift.

We will not only deliver your firewood, but also carefully store it where it is convenient for our customers. You do not need to stack firewood, we will carefully unload the pre-packed in bags where you indicate to our employee.

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